Complete project management of all phases of a project or just one standalone phase of a project - from concept design, specification and tender to construction, inspection and handover.


Whether it is a concrete spalling (cancer) problem or beautification project, balcony and balustrade upgrade, water penetration problem, developer defects, security, glazing, roofing, remedial repair, refurbishment or extensions - we have it covered!

1. Concept


Define the project and establish the objectives. Create the lines of communication (our speciality especially in working with committees). Create the scope of work/brief,  which would drive which particular consultants you may need e.g. an hydraulic engineer, as well as setting up a budget and programme.

2. Specification


You can see something isn't right or you want something changed/fixed, but not sure of what it is or if it's important? Specifying the issue before going to contractors is essential in fixing or building it properly the first time rather than accepting the opinion of someone who profits from fixing or building  it.

C&C Project Management will...


  • Take time to engage with the Executive Committee and understand project drivers

  • Develop a project plan that addresses the needs of the committee

  • Meet weekly with the contractors on site and provide detailed weekly reports so that all owners (even non-resident owners) can see and understand the progress including cost control, issues, risks and the programme - all in plain English, no technical language

  • Will be involved with the detail - all communications for residents and logistics of entry to apartments, calls to real estate agents or owners if access is not available, effect on plants if scaffolding is to be erected etc

  • Involve building consultants when necessary – for inspections and certifications

  • ​Identify and control risk

  • Add value.

3. Tendering


Finding the right contractors to complete the tasks you actually need isn't always so obvious. Well documented and clear communication is essential for a successful tender - both parties, owners and contractors, need to be talking apples for apples! C&C will professionally manage this process and provide you with a recommendation.

4. Construction


This is the part that is actually the easiest! With proper preparation and great specifications up front, the management of construction is pretty straight forward. It requires presence on the ground with the contactors weekly and to provide detailed reports to the owners with updated costs, progress, programmes, issues, risks and the regular logistics of access and site details.

5. What about the handover.....


C&C will conduct a complete inspection of all affected units and ensure the builder attends to every last defect, arranging for access each time the builder needs to enter each apartment before the builder's final invoices will be endorsed. Final cost reports and any future retention invoices payable to the contractor will be detailed and warranties provided to the strata manager, if applicable.

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